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Wayne H.
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James B.

A friend of mine introduced me to 'Big Phil' when a group of us arrive in Prague for a friend's stag do.  We bumped into him one evening and I could tell what a quality chap he was from the off; very approachable, knowledgeable and although he was busy he made time for us.  He gave us his number in case we wanted to do any activities whilst we were there.  We text Phil at short notice asking if we could do a shooting trip, he got back to us right away and he said he would sort it. A half hour later we got another text with a time, cost and package, which I have to add was a lot cheaper than anywhere else but wasn't compromised with less guns, in fact we had a few more thrown in. He met us at the underground station, having pre-purchased our return tickets (which was over and beyond!) and took us there, it was just like having another mate in our group, that actually knew what he was doing!  Any photos or videos of the experience he took for us and emailed on to us and they took us back after we had done.

I contacted Phil last year when I visited again regarding shooting, however when he replied he was on holiday, but this didn't stop him sorting a trip for us!
I no longer consider Phil just a 'go to guy' for our needs in Prague, but I consider him a friend too. I'd recommend Phil to anyone that visits Prague.

Thanks mate!