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Duration 2 hours

Airsoft is seen as the serious warrior game. With ultra-realistic weapons and real life tactics airsoft is seen the true soldier experience without the danger of real war but all the fun of battling mates.

So If you have tried paintballing but want to try something different, this could be it. This ultimate airsoft battle is located in the heart of Prague and delivers an ultra-realistic weapon battle. Walk through the indoor labyrinth while taking out your opponents along the way. You will be provided a Glock 17 handgun with compressed gas, and rubber pellets, it pack quite a punch!

The looser is sure to leave with a few bruises, but only the best will wear them well. May the best team win!

Activity includes:

– All necessary protective and safety equipment.
– ak47 AND M4A1.
– 1 x can of SECCO.
– 900 ammunition
– public transfer

What’s the minimum number?

– Minimum 8 persons

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