PRICE: 10.000 CZK / HOUR

  • presence of a midget in a special costume
  • table reservation, 10 tipping dollars
  • T-shirt for a stag with unlimited consumption of draft beer

We are honored to cooperate with the smallest people in Europe (about 122 cm) to realize a known legend – the midget brings happiness to the one who is fascinated with him for a while. The stag and the midget must do everything together. Naturally, there are very comical situations (e. g. a visit to the toilet). This tradition works best with a stag party, when according to the legend, the midget will bring happiness, money, health and happy marriage to a groom. So you can order the presence of our midget right here while you are having fun.

This activity is very good to connect with a striptease on your table with one or more of our strippers, or with the stag show on stage. Our midget has some costumes, such as Superman, or a dwarf from the Snow White Fairy tale. If you dress up your stag into the costume of Snow White and present him to his personal dwarf, an unforgettable party can begin. It can be ordered for an hour or more. Book now!

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