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Duration 3 hours

Paintball has and always be a main stay of must do activities. Playing army just seems to be in our DNA from chanting “who wants to play a game of army” in the school playground to arm chair warriors in computer games like Call of Duty and Battlefield series. Paintball is that perfect middle ground of living out your inner soldier whilst battling your mates.
This activity is fast, furious, and perfect for letting off some steam with your group. Lead your platoon into battle in a game of capture the flag, defend your base and other war scenarios. Running around in an outdoor setting with hundreds of paintballs whizzing all around, you have to keep your cool and maintain your strategy to win. The paintballs leave their mark so come prepared to leave with a few ‘badges of honour’.

Activity includes:

– Protective clothing and safety equipment.
– Paintball gun and C02 Gas.
– 100 paintballs.

What’s the minimum number?

– min. 7 persons

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